All people should be able to bike wherever they want to go, no matter their age or ability, so they can improve their health, save a little money, and share the joy of bicycling.

But too many streets aren't safe enough for everyone to ride. It doesn't have to this way. That's why Cascade is builds strategic campaigns and empowers neighborhood teams to connect the region's cities with protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways and trails so that people of all people can feel comfortable riding.

Move Seattle Levy
The Move Seattle Levy would invest $930 million in Seattle's transportation network. Cascade strongly supports the levy and is working with the Seattle City Council to make sure investments for the Ballard Bridge will invest in near-term safety solutions and to reprioritize Safe Routes to School funding for the schools most in need.
Vision Zero
Vision Zero sets a goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries, and aims to achieve it by focusing on designing our streets to be safer. Cascade is working with local leaders and transportation agencies to achieve this goal.
Connect Seattle
Connect Seattle is a network of teams and caring neighbors across the city working towards making our streets safer by building 250 miles of protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways and trails by 2025.

Connect Seattle →
Connect Eastside
Connect Eastside is a network of teams and caring neighbors from Kenmore to Renton and Mercer Island to Sammamish who are working to connect their cities with regional trails and in their cities to make their streets safer.

Advocacy Leadership Institute
Participants in Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) develop local bicycle advocates and enthusiasts into leaders that advocate – and inspire others to advocate – for a bike-friendly Seattle.

Cascade works to elect pro-bike leaders across the region.