Advocacy Director

Jeff Aken

On staff since: 2013

Wheels: Hampsten road bike and Kelly cross bike

Commute: Eight miles from Capitol Hill--down through Interlaken to the U-District and up the Burke Gilman

Favorite ride: MTB would be Mad Lake/Klone Peak. I don't think I have a favorite road ride but Mercer Island is my go-to road ride.

Originally from Colorado, Jeff holds a masters in urban planning from the University of Washington and prior to joining Cascade, he was a program manager at Forterra. He also served as program coordinator at the College of Forest Resources at the UW.

In his past work, Jeff focused on working with planning staff from communities around the Puget sound to advance policies and plans that created great communities. This work included passing Complete Streets ordinances in Edmonds and Ocean Shores; and advancing policies that will transform Central Issaquah from mostly parking lots to a walkable, bikeable series of neighborhoods with jobs, housing and convenient connections to places people needed to go.

As a planner, he believes in advancing policies, plans and projects that create better communities for everyone. He’s excited to come to Cascade and continue to push for the infrastructure that makes cycling safe, comfortable, useful and interesting for all ages and abilities. Jeff is excited to be working on the Seattle Bike Master Plan Update as well as work outside of the city of Seattle.

Jeff has lived in the northwest since he was in middle school, and loves the incredible access to mountains in the Puget Sound.

A life-long cyclist, Jeff is a bike racer, a commuter, an advocate, a recreational rider and a father teaching his three-year old son to ride.