About CTS

The series begins…

…with low-mileage rides in early April.  During these early rides you will decide which of the four paces is best for your fitness level.  The slowest pace will be 10-12 mph on the flats and a commensurate level of effort on hills. This is generally considered a “leisurely” pace, and you must be able to ride at this pace to participate.  The fastest will ride at a brisk pace of 16 - 18 mph. If you want to ride faster than 16 - 18 mph, you should consider more advanced Cascade rides on the Free Group Rides calendar.

Each group of about 20 riders will have two trained and certified Cascade ride leaders acting as leader and sweep. Maps and cue sheets are available for download, and since these are stay-together rides with frequent regroups, you can be confident about not getting lost.

During the 13-ride series, the route mileage and level of difficulty will steadily increase leading up to STP. Riders will be able to move up to faster groups as their fitness and skill improve. The distance progression culminates in a “century” ride shortly before STP. After the last CTS ride, we celebrate the times we’ve spent together and how far we’ve all come with an outdoor party. After CTS, it’s time to ride STP or RSVP with your new cycling buddies!

New in 2014

In 2014, we are catering CTS more to the needs of people at different paces, so routes will increase in length and challenge more gradually for people riding 10 – 14 mph than for people riding 14 – 18 mph. Also, people younger than 18 can still register for CTS, but must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian, or a designated non-custodial guardian.