The Westlake Protected Bike Lane

Connect Westlake and the Westlake Protected Bike Lane

The Westlake Corridor is a key connection for trucks, cars, busses, people on bikes and pedestrians between Fremont and South Lake Union.

Unfortunately, it’s chaotic for everyone. The sidewalk is too small for both pedestrians and people riding bicycles. The parking lot is filled with surprise encounters for everyone. Traffic on Westlake is far too fast for even the strongest of bike riders.

That’s why building a protected bike lane - a physically separated from traffic - through the Westlake Corridor is a top priority in the city. The project will create a corridor that is easy to navigate for drivers, people on bikes and pedestrians by creating safe, separated spaces for everyone. Along with creating an increase in foot and bike traffic to the businesses along Westlake, this project will ensure people arrive at their destinations safely.

This project is already fully funded, and the design is currently being evaluated by the Seattle Department of Transportation. Construction of the Westlake Protected Bike Lane will begin in 2015. Here at Cascade, we can’t stop talking about how amazing this corridor is going to be when we can all safely get around. Imagine, families biking to the parks and museums, friends biking to rent boats and tourists exploring one of Seattle’s beautiful waterfronts.

Cascade’s Connect Westlake Campaign is working to make sure the project is built out in the best way possible. The campaign is participating in business outreach, community outreach and education. If you are interested in learning more about the project or joining Connect Westlake, contact Emily Kathrein at