Ride support

Ten thousand bicyclists ride STP every year; almost all finish. Group Health STP provides mechanical support, food, first aid, water and toilets every 20 miles. Personal support vehicles (PSV) are strongly discouraged because they create additional hazards for the cyclists, as well as local traffic.

If you cannot ride Group Health STP without personal support, please make sure your PSV driver knows to follow the instructions for personal support vehicles.

Support Vehicles & Emergency Response Crew

Twelve support vehicles will patrol the route to pick up riders unable to continue. These vehicles will circle the course until the last rider finishes each day.

The support vehicles will shuttle stranded riders to the nearest point where services are available. The support vehicles are not personal "taxis". If you are not able to continue due to mechanical or physical reasons, you will need to make your own arrangements for transportation to your final destination. The support pickup service requires patience and has limited capacity; you may have to wait some time before you're picked up.

Mechanical Support

Each major food stop and mini-stop provides mechanical support for your bicycle. Supporting bicycle shops provide free labor but charge for parts. Come prepared to pay for bicycle repairs that you may need on the route. Many bike shop mechanics will take MasterCard/VISA as well as cash or check. See a full list of shops providing mechanical support on the STP.

STP Motorcycle Safety Patrol

The motorcycle safety patrol will issue citations for riders not following the rules of this event, including: riding more than two abreast, passing on the right, not obeying traffic signals, crossing a solid centerline, not wearing a helmet, and riding that endangers fellow riders.
Please ride Safe and Single File as much as possible.

Safety & Medical Team

Each year up to 100 cyclists (ski patrol, medics, firefighters, police officers, nurses and doctors) volunteer to ride Group Health STP as members of the Safety and Medical Team. These volunteers are identified by red safety jerseys, vests or helmet covers. The Safety and Medical Team will ask riders to refrain from unsafe or discourteous riding practices. This year, many support riders will be Group Health volunteers, like 8-time STP veteran and Group Health physician, Steven Bock (right).

Volunteer Staffed Medical Locations

The 5 major STP food stops and the finish line will be staffed with medical volunteers provided by Cascade Bicycle Club. All the other mini stops on the route will have first aid supplies available for riders, but will not be staffed. If you have a medical issue on route that needs immediate attention, please flag down one of the Goldwing Support motorcycles or one of the official STP Support cars.

Gold Wing Touring Association

The Gold Wing Touring Association (GWTA) will be on route with up to 100 motorcyclists who patrol the route equipped with radios and first aid kits. GWTA responds to mechanical problems and minor medical situations. They can radio for help in situations requiring medical assistance or rider transport. If you need assistance, give the "thumbs down" signal to a GWTA motorcyclist. To signal your appreciation, give the "thumbs up" sign.