Event roundup -- STP sold out, RSVP2 registration open

Last week started with a bang at the office when the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic sold out. We're looking forward to ushering 10,000 riders on the road to Portland this July! The 2011 event opened for member registration on Jan. 10 and to the general public on Feb. 1. March 21 is the earliest the event has ever sold out.

For those who didn't make it into the event, you've still got a few options.

Check back 30 days before the event when refunded registrations may become available. Read our refund policy to learn more.

Take part in our annual eBay auction, to be held in May. Participate in the tax-deductible auction to support the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation, and if you win, you will receive one of 10 low bib numbers (90-99).

Volunteer to earn a bib. Contact Diana Larson, volunteer coordinator, to get started earning volunteer hours toward the event.

    STP Training Seminar: March 30, 7 p.m.:   REI Seattle

    We know many first timers are quaking in their cleats (cleats?!?! what's that?) about the big ride to Portland. But fear not! The event is well within reach, provided you are prepared. Join us to preview the 200-mile Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic with an engaging and thorough visual STP Training Seminar, which takes you from the Start Line to Finish Line Festival. Hints on what to bring, training, gear, ride logistics and much more will be covered.

    This presentation is aimed at first time STPers and for those who are still trying to figure out if they want to take this on... next year. By the end of the show you'll be convinced and inspired to give it a try. Bring your friends/family if you are trying to talk them into riding with you. Everyone will have a fun evening.

    Attendees receive the annual limited edition STP pin as a gift.

    RSVP2 spots available

    Since RSVP2 did not fill during the initial lottery phase, about 500 registrations have not been sold. These registrations are now available to the general public via online registration. We expect registration to fill quickly, possibly selling out by the end of today.